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QlikView to Qlik Sense


Your Qlik solution to the next level

We know you are happy as a QlikView user, but believe us: there has never been a better time to add Qlik Sense to your environment.

Qlik Sense offers new possibilities and takes your BI tool to the next level. Augmented intelligence, self-service analytics, visual data prep and other features to improve and simplify your BI. On top of that, adding Qlik Sense to your environment might reduce your annual BI cost! (And that’s not a typo)

Add Qlik Sense, completely free* and use the right Qlik solution for the right case!

*ask about your conditions

Use QlikView together with Qlik Sense!

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How is this possible?

Adding Qlik Sense to your Qlik solutions is a joint effort. We support you through every step of the process so that you can easily take your first steps with Qlik Sense without worrying. Are you ready?

Existing costs

Existing costs

Currently you pay an annual maintenance cost and Qlik can add an uplift of 5% a year.

Freeze costs

Freeze costs

You have the possibility to freeze that annual maintenance cost, so you don't get any uplifts and switch to a subscription model.

The best tool for every case

The best tool for every case

Work simultaneously with QlikView and Qlik Sense and use the best tool for every use case.

Join our free webinar: Modernize Your BI!

Curious to see it in reality? We'll show you the advantages of Qlik Sense and using both QlikView and Qlik Sense environments simultaneously in a live webinar and demo!

Qlik Sense vs Qlikview


Adding Qlik Sense to your environment… the right decision!

Both QlikView and Qlik Sense have their advantages! We’ve listed them in this table to make it easy for you. What do you think? Which one suits your business? Both?

Well, you can now use both technologies, and their advantages, without any extra costs! From now on you’ll have the perfect tool for every case.

Adding Qlik Sense to QlikView is a smart choice and now is the time! This is a limited offer.


We cloud for you!

Use our Credon Cloud

Not sure how to do the hosting of Qlik Sense and whether or not you want to place it in-house? No worries! We recently launched Credon Cloud! We take care of the complete infrastructure and technical setup.

This way your environment runs on the safest and most secure environment. Always and everywhere available for you. Backups, updates, data loads, we take care of it.


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Ready to mix Qlik Sense into your environment or do you just want to have some more information before jumping?

Just ask! Our experts will be happy to help you and are ready to share their experience.

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