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BI journey

Business Intelligence solutions for your business

BI journey

Where does a BI journey take us?

We tackle a BI journey through your data landscape together. Step by step and side by side. We start by transforming your raw data into analysis-ready data and more importantly; into crucial insights. We enable you to take control over your business.

Ready to climb your data mountains together and discover valuable insights around every corner? Let’s go!


Ready for take off

During an intake meeting we listen to your needs and dreams. What’s your business about? Where is your data hiding? Together we define your wish list and the scope of our journey. Doubting which technology fits you? Our BI Tool Assessment will provide the answer!


Flying start

We start off our journey with a bang. Together we will build a functional application, implementing your data! This way you can fully explore the possibilities. SIB (Seeing is believing), POC (Proof of concept), prototyping, … whatever you like to call it, we deliver it.


Step by step we climb your data

Once you’ve felt the true power of a BI application, you are hooked. This is where we start developing. Both business and technical users are vital in this part of our journey. We develop dashboards and data models, the fundaments of your environment. Together. And agile.


Power up your people and your environment

We take the BI adoption at your company seriously. Therefore we founded our Credon Academy. We educate technical users as well as end users, at your place or ours. In the meantime we continue evaluating and improving the applications as you go.


Life jackets & security plans

After we develop, we secure. Together we design suitable security and governance plans. What kind of access and rights do your users want and need? Which data is secured and which parts of your dashboards are confidential? Once we have mapped out your wishes, we put the necessary security locks in place.


Guidance along your BI path

We are always at your service to build, develop, guide, enlarge, … Whether you need extra services or consultancy.

Can’t contain yourself to upgrade or expand your BI environment? We totally get it and we’re here to help.


Your new dashboards need a home

Not that technical? No worries, our experts take care of your infrastructure. We can install the BI environment on your server, if possible. If not, we will take it into our care ourselves. We look after it in our cloud and unburden you.


Join our BI community

We keep our travellers on the right track during their BI journey. We, as well as our partners,  share latest trends, updates and best practices. We organise customer events where we discuss issues, tips & tricks. Ready to join this BI family?

Want to start your journey?

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