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BI Technologies

Meet the two leading BI technologies

leading BI technologies

Anything is possible

Leading BI technologies

Technology is just our means of transportation during a BI journey. No matter what option you choose, we will reach your destination. The road ahead will just look slightly different.

During our years of practice we went to the core of the BI landscape and selected the leaders of the pack. We stand by our choice and are sure they can handle every bump in the road and every hiccup you come across. They will grow and evolve with you. Based on your needs, we will find your perfect fit.

Want to see them in action?


No more fake conclusions, the truth and

nothing but the truth.

Power BI

We leave no data behind,
only Excel.

Overwhelmed or out of your comfort zone? We already selected the best of the best, but which one is your true champion? That honestly depends on your business.
No panic, we got you covered! Bootcamp after bootcamp, our consultants are trained to make the perfect decision, based on your needs. We call it our super power.
> How do we use our super powers?

No denying

Clients say

Skillful consultant delivered the first results in no time.

— IT Manager

Entrematic Belgium

We make faster & better business decision thanks to Credon.

— Business Process Consultant


Good vibes, qualitative people.

— IT Manager


One of the best investments I’ve made.

— General Manager


Credon is always available and ready to share thoughts and best practices.

— Business Applications Coordinator

Tosoh Europe

After 30 minutes we were convinced of the strength, speed & ease-of-use of their BI solutions.

— Business Process Architect

Aveve Retail

All our units have improved their profitability

— Business Intelligence Manager

B. Braun

Analyses that used to take days are now available in minutes.

— Finance Director

GfK Panel Services Benelux

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