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Choose your Power (BI)

Are you ready for the Power (BI)?

Are you ready for the Power BI?

Choose your Power!

What if we offered you a menu of superpowers?
Which one would you choose to simplify your daily data challenges?
Can Power BI be the answer you’ve been looking for?

Don’t choose if you could just take it all!

Power BI dashboard

Transformation Powers

From raw data to comprehensive visuals

Whitin 5 minutes, BAM,  you transform your raw data into valuable insights. Can it get any better?

Power BI dashboard

Teleportation Powers

Wherever you like,
however you like

Tell your data story on any device. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow! You choose, Power BI delivers. Always and everywhere.

Power BI dashboard

Superhuman Strength

Take control
over your business

 Take the power into your own hands! Drill down to whatever visual or number you prefer. Self Service BI was never so easy. 

Power BI dashboard


Predict future trends and changes

Take control over your business! Thanks to clear insights, you predict future trends and challenges.

What if you could have it all?

Don’t choose if you could just take it all!

Learn more about Power BI!

BI glossary

Power BI glossary

Power BI what? Data Warehouse heh? What do all those difficult words mean? We’ll explain it to you in our Power BI glossary!

Power BI e-book

Power BI e-book

Heard of Power Bi dataflows yet, but no idea what it really means? No worries, we’ll explain the basics to you in our e-book!

Data Sources Guide

Data Sources Guide

Which data sources should you prefer over others? And which considerations should you make? Discover it now!

Think you can handle it?

Teach me the power!


Just getting started?


Want to become a true  PBI Expert?


Implementing a complete data warehouse?


Want to get control of your data?


Stuck? Let’s get you through it!

Convinced that Power BI is right for you? But don't know how to get started? Let us show you the right implementation roadmap! Or is your Power Query slowing you down? We've got you covered! Show me the Credon Power!
Old school reporting, as you know it, build on your modern BI tools? Yes, yes yes! With Paginated Reporting or SSRS that’s no longer a dream.

Why are we your perfect Power BI match?

Just listen

You’re not the first one you know. We’ve done this before, like a lot!
But that does not make you less special to us!

Listen to our customers

They will show you!

Listen to our CEO

He'll explain!

Ready to start your BI journey, but still don’t know where to start?
Do you have questions for our BI superheroes? Just contact us, we are happy to help you out!

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