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In this ebook, Sarah wants to tackle a well-known pitfall for many companies and BI’ers, namely: stopping when the BI dashboards are ready. Read her tips!

Download Sarah's five tips for better BI adoption

Hi, I’m Sarah, Sales Manager at Credon. In this e-book, I’ll give you all my tips and tricks for better BI adoption. Here’s a sneak peek!

Tip 1: There is no BI without Business

Back in the old days data and answering data-related questions was a job for IT. Business asked a question and IT got to work. A new or hip gadget, IT immediately jumps on that too! But is that the best choice for the project?
BI goes further and overturns the old-fashioned model. In BI, business users are the asking party and must be involved from the planning stage of the project. The best people to closely involve are C-level people, those who make the decisions and know the market around the company. They also know best which KPIs need to be steered.

Curious about my other tips? Then be sure to download the ebook!

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