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Achieve More Technical Sessions

Where technique finds its audience … and vice-versa!

Date: 16th November 2017

Agenda topics:

  • What’s new in Qlik Sense?
    • In this session you will find out what Qlik Sense latest release has in store.
  • Advanced Analytics Integration in R
    • Learn how to leverage the power of external analytics engines and machine learning algorithms, such as R, directly in Qlik.
  • ODAG: On Demand App Generation
    • Use the Qlik Analytic Platform APIs to create Qlik applications for visualizing very large and/or frequently changing data sets.
    • The On Demand App Generation approach expands the potential use cases for Business Discovery, enabling business users to conduct associative analysis on larger data sources.
  • Qlik Sense Mobile (offline) iOS App
    • Discover how you can use the all-new Qlik Mobile app. Analyze your data on your mobile device as if you were connected to your Qlik Server.


  • Being a Qlik customer or reseller through Credon
  • Having completed the Qlik Designer and/or Developer workshop track.



Van Der Valk hotel Brussels Airport
Culliganlaan 4b
1831 Diegem


Practical information:

Planning: 13h30 until 17h30
Free parking spaces around the hotel or underground.
Coffee breaks and network drinks are included.

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