By sector

QlikView for Retail, Distribution and Logistics

Analyse customers, products and transactions in all channels and geographical markets. Quickly integrate data from systems of sales outlets, merchandising, suppliers and financial management to discover turnover, margin and profit opportunities.  More information

QlikView for Financial Services

Stimulate performance by giving control to operational decision-makers in the entire company. Seize new opportunities in the market. Quickly visualise information about cash flow, profitability and other KPIs.  More information

QlikView for Pharmaceutical Companies

Your pharmaceutical company is full with data. It is time to effectively use this information. The right analyses can play a crucial role in meeting the strategic business objectives. If you want to be successful by being the first to market a product, you have no time to wait until expensive IT projects have linked operating processes to each other in order to give you the right answers.  More information

QlikView for Production

The international economic crisis taught producers to work slimmer and smarter. Companies switch to “demand pull” and “made-to-order” business models. Success on the market depends on the response time in case of changes in demand, risks in the supply chain and fluctuating costs for energy, raw materials and transport, and that makes new product innovation possible.  More information