Call Center


You can reach our Call Center staff between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on the following numbers:

for Belgium: +32 13 35 37 18

for the Netherlands: +31 30 635 03 20

Or by e-mail to:

Important: In order to help you out quickly please make sure to have the “about” data at hand when you call our staff. You will find these data under Qlikview Management Console/ System/ About. This tab contains the licence data and the most important technical data. The content can be copied into a txt file.

Besides, it may be useful to have all log files available, to ensure a smooth switch to QlikTech Support. The log files are available in the server (machine) where the QlikView server is installed. These can be found under the folder: C:\ProgramData\. Here you will find the folder: QlikTech’, which you can zip and send completely to

The QlikTech folder contains the log files of all services. When it becomes very big due to the number of log files, we will use webtransfer or our ftp.