Developer Training

QlikView Developer Training

Target group: The QlikView Developer training is intended for the BI developer, the person responsible for the creation and management of the data model. Prior knowledge is required: Designer I and Designer II training must have been completed.

Duration: The Developer Training is spread over 3 days.

Language: The training can be given in Dutch, English or French.

Location:  The training can take place at our training facilities in Tessenderlo, Wilrijk or Kontich. The exact location will be determined on the basis of your preference and availability, other locations are also possible if required.



Developer I (1 day)

  • QlikView Environment
  • QlikView Development Methodology
  • Deployment
  • Introduction to Data & Scripting
  • Connecting to OBDC/OLEBDB Data Sources
  • Creating the script
  • Basic Data Transformation
  • Structuring the Script
  • Basic Data Model & Table Viewer
  • Scripting Considerations
  • QlikView Data (QVD) files
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Layout Basics for Developers

Developer II (2 days)

  • Developer Tools
  • Mapping Tables
  • Loading Budget Data
  • Advanced Scripting
  • Advanced Calculations in sheet objects
  • Scripting & Data modeling challenges
  • Data Model Optimization
  • Daily and transaction Balances
  • QlikView Security
  • Advanced Database Connectivity
  • Business case workshop
  • Review & Conclusion