Financial Services


The increased efficiency within each branch is important for us. The information derived from QlikView allows us to achieve better segmentation and the right actions go to the right customers, and the available commercial time is used more efficiently. The return per marketing action used to be much lower.

Carl Defrance, Distribution Director at Argenta


Stimulate the attraction, conservation and profitability of customers


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Analyse customers, loans and transactions spread over organisational lines and geographies. Optimise flexible, consolidated insights to identify market opportunities and stimulate competitive advantages.

More insight to take advantage of the possibilities

Now that the banking sector is under pressure, the development of existing profitable customer relations and attracting new customers is becoming more important.  More than ever banks have to get the most out of the information in order to achieve competitive advantages.




For customers in financial services, including insurance offices, retail bankers, accountants and other financial advisers, we developed lots of applications, especially with a focus on

  • customer profiling, segmentation and possibility of cross- and upselling
  • insights in transactions, payments and assets
  • analyses of credit worthiness and risks
  • profit optimisation
  • compliance reports

Answers for everyone just a mouse click away

To get a better balance, IT can not come up with answers quick enough for decision-makers in financial service providers. With QlikView users have self-service access to the information they need, when they need it, in order to be able to take better-informed and more profitable decisions.