Business Manager

QlikView allows us to efficiently aim advertising messages to our target group and to deploy action-specific promotions. This has resulted in a strongly improved marketing return and an increased efficiency.

Danny Munters, Business Process Architect, AVEVE Group

QlikView makes BI accessible for everyone

The current business leaders want to be capable of exploring all levels of the organisation and to use the information to improve their business results. But the traditional BI software has failed due to its complexity, delays and expensive professional services. QlikView Business Discovery is an answer to this need.


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QlikView’s associative experience gives answers just as quick as you ask questions. You can interactively explore all data. There are no limits, which allows you to create insights you could previously not have imagined.


QlikView allows you to

  • Discover hidden trends and make new discoveries.  This will make it possible to take decisions in a whole new way.
  • Asking questions and gaining insights individually or in group – at any moment and any place.
  • Simply search all the data in order to see the bigger picture.  Enter a word or a sentence, in random order, in the search engine and receive associative results immediately which give you an insight in new connections and relations.
  • Enjoy the advantages of self-service BI.  Without being dependent on the IT department or business, analysts can autonomously ask users new questions and generate reports.

Zero wait analysis

Contrary to traditional BI solutions which sometimes require weeks, months or even years to get results, QlikView immediately provides access to all data, all questions can be asked and answers are given immediately without stopping over at the IT department.


QlikView supports mobile applications and data. This is not about providing statistical reports like traditional BI, but about delivering live data and analysis, allowing users to find answers to all questions, even on their mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

An App-like model

QlikView allows every user to develop and implement his own apps. It also makes it possible to create an Apple App Store-like experience for departments and organisations, allowing users to quickly download specially built apps which answer their unique questions.