The QlikView financial application is used on a daily basis by our controllers to quickly detect deviations. Previously we had to rely on reports from our accounting software and combine these manually with reports from Cognos and data from Excel. Now we have one single environment for all required dashboards and analyses. We do no longer have to look for the right data in the right sources before being able to proceed to do an analysis.

Luc de Hoon, Controller AVEVE Veevoeding

More grip on financial performance

Operating circumstances continue to change and decisiveness is required. QlikView is the ideal solution for CFOs and financial directors who want a quick answer to urgent questions about cashflow, profitability, operational drivers, resource allocation and compliance, an who do not want to depend on IT staff for their dashboards.

With QlikView there are no more limits for business users in finding answers to detemrine where operating resources must be used and where savings or investments are required to promote growth.


Extensive financial scorecards

QlikView gives CFOs the chance to study all financial data and to make complete and thorough analyses and project these quickly and in a visually attractive way in interactive dashboards which can easily be updated.



Financial Managers of our customers are using financial dashboards daily, including:

  • cash flow: margins, outstanding credit, growth, quick and current ratios
  • profitability: gross profit, margins or operating and net profit
  • income: profit growth per share and cost/profit ratio
  • return: turnover growth
  • efficiency: turnaround time of assets and inventory, expenses vs. turnover
  • effectiveness: profitability of total and equity


Strategic role of the CFO

CFOs who use QlikView tell us their role has expanded from budget control and financial reporting to broader responsibilities in the field of corporate strategy. Due to the associative in-memory analysis options of QlikView they can base their decision-making on real-time insights in the company.