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Matthew Crowther is worth following if you want to know more about QlikView design; a true inspiration!




Alex Karlsson blogs about the very nice QlikView extensions like Google map extensions and other visualisation-related topics.





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Runkeeper to keep a perfect eye on your condition!







Global Games – Winter Edition Follow the Olympic Winter Games as a Pro!

The winter games in Sochi span 17 days as over 90 countries, compete for almost 100 gold medals in 15 sports. That may sound like a lot of data to keep track of, but Qlik makes it easy. This app combines daily updates from the 2014 games with data that goes all the way back to the beginning of the modern competition. You can explore decades of trivia, track your favorite sports and athletes, and follow the medal counts for your favorite team.
Just tap into the app on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device to ask your own questions and join the fun.

Winter Games.qvw