All divisions improved their profitability due to the associative reporting and analysis possibilities offered by QlikView.

Dirk Notaert, Business Intelligence Manager B.Braun België

Quick, powerful analysis to achieve objectives

Your pharmaceutical company is full with data. It is time to effectively use this information. The right analyses can play a crucial role in meeting the strategic business objectives.

If you want to be successful by being the first to market a product, you have no time to wait until expensive IT projects have linked operating processes to each other in order to give you the right answers.


For different customers within the pharmaceutical sector we have developed applications which:

  • give a clear insight in the results of actions performed by doctors
  • give overviews of how to reduce operational costs
  • show dashboards about the development and capitalization of new products


Quicker and more frequent information

When switching to advanced operating processes, quicker and more frequent information updates are required. QlikView accelerates the analysis from data derived from CRM, ERP, e-detailing websites and third-party databases. QlikView answers can easily be shared allowing pharmaceutical companies and their partners to work together more effectively.