We managed to develop a completely workable BI application for sales within seven days.  Everyone can understand that we would not have succeeded if we had opted for a different process with Microsoft and SAP®.

Frank Cuyx, SAP Project Manager Jaga


Ensure transparency of your entire value chain. Do not wait any longer to make your business decisions. Work closer together with partners and your major customers. Improve your power by means of intelligent and demand-driven production.



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For producers in different sectors we have developed applications like

  • Synchronise CRM, production, supply and distribution with the market demand
  • Give an overview of the risks due to suppliers and variable costs
  • Dashboards which provided insight in process-improving methods (Six Sigma, Activity-based costing)
  • Real-time performance management of different plants


Increase your strength with quick, measurable success

Today’s manufacturers need more flexible operating models and real-time transparency to make decisions. QlikView achieves measurable success without risks, with a minimum investment and without having to use substantial resources. Everyone within your organisation, but also your suppliers and distributors, can use QlikView, with tailor-made applications for the needs of every user.