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QlikView offers the possibility to understand your business beter:

 Consolidating relevant data from several data sources to one single application.
 Discovering associations within your data.
 Visualising data by means of state-of-the-art graphic functionalities.
 Making communication between dynamic apps and dashboards possible.
 Analysing, defining and providing access to all data via mobile devices.
 Making Social Decision Making possible by means of secure, real-time collaboration functionalities.





QlikView makes BI accessible for everyone!

  • QlikView’s user-friendly, associative and intuitive experience gives answers just as quick as you can ask questions.  You can explore all data interactively, with no limits.
  • With QlikView, teams can collaborate by creating and sharing new insights wherever they are.
  • QlikView offers the possibility to discover new insights, trends and associations because you can analyse different datasources in one application.
  • QlikView offers business users the possibility to create new analyses, independently from IT.



Facilitate BI Self-service

  • QlikView offers IT professionals the option to offer the entire company a BI solution based on self-service, taking into account the strict demands in terms of data security and quality.
  • QlikView is easy to administer, also for large environments. It offers a unified way to give everybody access with role-based administration to ensure data access only to those who have permission.
  • QlikView takes simple jobs like writing reports and tweaking queries of the full plate of the IT professionals so they can focus again on their core activities.



QlikView simplifies the life of BI professionals and developers

  • QlikView makes it possible for analysts and developers to develop state-of-the-art BI apps which users can easily adapt when necessary.
  • QlikView offers developers the possibility to transform complex data streams into data models and chose from a wide-variety of visualisations.
  • With QlikView developers can connect directly to popular business applications including Salesforce.com, SAP NetWeaver®, etc and share information through portals and other collaboration sites.