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An innovative solution that makes a collaborative decision-making process possible


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Insight wherever you go with Business Discovery

Business Discovery is the new way of working, with the business user in control. Unlike traditional BI solutions, where just a few people are involved in the creation of the insights, Business Discovery allows every one, with the right permissions, to access the analysis they need.
QlikView offers insight to every department of the organisation, so that the business users can do their job better and quicker. QlikView allows all users tailor-made insight that meet their unique requirements and time restrictions.

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Better collaboration because of Social Business Discovery

QlikView makes Business Discovery possible and allows users to share relevant data and work better together.
It allows employees, groups and even entire departments to discover collectively data within in-context workspaces, capture conversations, secure shared information and evaluate decisions and results.

Informed Decision-Making with QlikView

The best solutions are made collaboratively. They’re based on social interactions, driven by real-time discussions, dialogues and shared insight. QlikView Social Business Discovery puts social and shared decisions first where traditional BI forces users to make intuitive decisions based on static, pre-configured information.


QlikView’s Business Discovery is built on an open platform, making an easy integration with social and business networks possible and offering multiple advantages for the entire organisation:

 Innovative BI allowing all business users from different teams, groups, departments to work together on data, analysis, and decisions.

 Interactive apps allowing business users to discover all data without limitations.

 Real-time decision-process because entire departments or groups of business users can participate in live-browsing sessions with up-to-the-minute data.

 Continuous exchanges of bookmarks and in-app notes between users.