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To develop high-performance apps, business analysts and BI application developers primarily use QlikView Desktop and QlikView Workbench. They can integrate with SharePoint-based portals and collaboration sites by utilising QlikView web parts for use with Microsoft SharePoint®. They can connect data sources by utilising standard interfaces, an open QlikView format for non-standard sources and a number of connectors to the most popular business systems.

1. QlikView Desktop

QlikView Desktop is a Windows-based application which is a singular point of interaction for extraction, transformation, analysis design and the construction of dashboards and reports. By utilising the intuitive QlikView Desktop interface, developers can make SQL-like scripts (also with the help of wizards) that ensure that data from various data sources become an associative data model.

2. QlikView Workbench

QlikView Workbench is a Microsoft Visual Studio® plug-in with which developers can develop powerful, web-based QlikView extensions.
It is a drag-and-drop web integration tool kit which combines the flexibility of a powerful QlikView API (application programming interface) with the user-friendly drag-and-drop Visual Studio development environment.
QlikView Workbench also contains a Visual Studio template that helps developers to quickly and easily start building high-performance QlikView extensions.

3. QlikView Publisher

QlikView Publisher, an optional module for QlikView Server, is a planning, administration and management tool that functions as a singular control point for the QlikView analytical applications and reports. Administrators can plan, distribute and manage security and access for all QlikView applications and reports throughout the entire business.

4. QlikView PDF Distribution

By adding PDF Distribution to QlikView Publisher, you can distribute PDF reports via e-mail. You can simply generate a QlikView report on top of the existing QlikView application. With the QlikView PDF Distribution wizard from QlikView Publisher, you can re-load the data, generate PDFs and send them to the right users.

5. QlikView web parts for Microsoft Sharepoint

QlikView web parts for utilising Microsoft SharePoint® gives users the option to save QlikView analyses in SharePoint portals and applications. It is a simple task to select the QlikView object web part from the SharePoint web part library and to adjust its properties so that it refers to the QlikView document and object (e.g., a specific table, graph, list etc.).