QlikView Expressor

Confidence in data with a solution for Metadata Intelligence for QlikView


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Data governance while implementing



QlikView Expressor is metadata management “à la QlikView” — an innovative and easy approach to data management. QlikView Expressor is simple and descriptive and allows you to register and manage metadata consistently while building analytical apps, instead of being restricted in advance by a semantic layer.

Discipline at the basis, flexibility at the edges

QlikView Expressor offers IT a holistic view on how and where data are used within the QlikView environment. Simultaneously, business communities are given the opportunity to develop their own analytical apps with confidence in data and equipped with all required security and governance functionalities.

Quick and efficient Enterprise implementation

Metadata management is crucial for large QlikView implementations. With QlikView Expressor data characteristics are identified once by data integration specialists and then re-used in the entire organisation in all QlikView apps which use the same data. QlikView developers can also use predefined data flows to build and implement apps quickly. This repeatable and consistent approach guarantees solid data governance.

Getting data into and out of QlikView

QlikView Expressor plays a central role in the Enterprise information architecture and makes Big Data relevant for business users by joining them with other data in self-service apps for Business Discovery. QlikView Expressor retrieves enormous amounts of data from QlikView through several source systems with almost linear scalability for parallel loading processes and simplifies export from QlikView to downstream systems.