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QlikView 24/7, anywhere
QlikView offers you access to your data anywhere you are. You can start analysing data in your office on your desktop, and finish this later at another location on your tablet.
Even during a management meeting, you can go use your tablet to get more information in order to take a decision quickly. Or maybe you need a last glimpse of your sales numbers before going into a negotiation? Just touch the screen, pinch, zoom and swipe to get direct access and explore a full set of live data.


All BI posibilities, also on mobile devices

With QlikView on Mobile you are offered a complete Business Discovery, including interactive analyses, rich visualisation options and associative search functions. Contrary to lightweight tools whereby power users must build visualisations, QlikView on Mobile offers you specific apps which allow for interaction to come to smarter and quicker decisions, wherever you are, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. QlikView on Mobile allows access to the entire QlikView application for you to define your personalised views, as detailed as needed. Don’t limit yourself to a handful of predefined views.

QlikView uses the potential of touchscreen devices, like the Apple iPad and Android tablets. By using advanced HTML5 browser technology, QlikView delivers a touch-driven interface which renders BI just as user-friendly and usable as the most popular consumer apps. You will have all the power of the QlikView Business Discovery experience without the complexity of traditional BI. QlikView apps support the familiar multi-touch movements you are used to and uses device functionalities like e.g. geo-location.

QlikView is enterprise-proven, with browser-based client technology and server-side security and manageability.


Always Secure! 
Because QlikView on mobile is accessed through your browser, and data does not reside physically on your device, the security and manageability is completely in your hands. With QlikView on mobiel, there is no need to worry because your data is secured on the QlikView server.