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QlikView Server Possibilities

Qlikview has been developed for SMEs as well as for multinationals, with a fitting product offering for every business.


QlikView Enterprise Server

The QlikView Enterprise Server is the right product for companies that want to benefit from QlikView for an unlimited numbers of users.

  • Integration with 3rd-party security and access control solutions is possible, and anonymous (external) users are also permitted.
  • Users can be distributed over several servers making load-balancing and failover possible.
  • Installation of several Enterprise Servers possible.
  • The collaboration possibilities are absolutely outstanding. End-users can generate their own QlikView objects on a standard document and share them with other QlikView users.


QlikView Small Business Server

The QlikView Small Business Server is suitable for companies that work with a small group of users.

  • Provides controlled access to the most recent information and analysis options.
  • Security and access control are restricted to the Windows Active Directory. This Windows security system enables administrators to manage the rights and settings in the Windows network of a company.
  • Access for anonymous users is not provided.

For both the QlikView Enterprise Server and the Small Business Server, there is a QlikView Test Server available for development and acceptance testing.


QlikView Extranet Server

The QlikView Extranet Server is ideal for companies that want to make interactive QlikView applications available for users outside of their organisations. This way customers, suppliers or other partners can also utilise interactive dashboards—you also give them the chance for a self-service business discovery. A maximum of three applications can be made available outside of the organisation, while maintaining a secure environment for data and applications.