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Many large organisations, in a wide variety of sectors, trust the robust and reliable QlikView Business Discovery platform to streamline, simplify and optimise their decision-making process. In addition to added value for business users, QlikView is also a real asset to IT departments.


Selfservice BI
With QlikView, IT professionals make it possible for their organisations to capitalise on ‘self-service BI’. Business users can make their analyses and reports themselves, accelerating the decision-making process and making their organisation more competitive.


In-memory Architecture
QlikView’s associative in-memory architecture can quickly and easily process data sets consisting of a billion records and support thousands of users. In combination with the “direct data access” possibilities of QlikView’s Direct Discovery, almost all data can be called up without limitations. The IT Department can offer a consistent, reliable user experience while having more time left for its core competencies.


Meeting all requirements
QlikView allows IT departments to offer the various departments in their organisations the opportunity to take rapid, innovative decisions—while ensuring that the requirements related to data security, quality and control are consistently met.


QlikView everywhere


The QlikView Business Discovery platform also offers: 

  • Extensive APIs for the integration of QlikView in numerous business applications and systems management software;
  • A browser-independent Ajax client which offers business users full analysis options without local installation problems;
  • Mobile access via iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry for the smooth integration of QlikView with mobile users;
  • Support for virtual environments consisting of hardware and cloud implementations for the creation of maximum flexibility.