Retail, Distribution and Logistics

QlikView allows us to efficiently aim advertising messages to our target group and to deploy action-specific promotions. This has resulted in a strongly improved marketing return and an increased efficiency.

Danny Munters, Business Process Architect, AVEVE Group

Transparency for better performance

The retail and wholesale sector has never before been so fragmented.


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From discount warehouses to specialised shops, local shops on every corner to mega e-commerce sites, buyers are better informed, less loyal and especially careful about their spendings.  Organisations aim for a balance between product range, price and service but still want to protect their margins.  They aim for availability in stock but also want to reduce the costs of those stocks.  It is more important than ever to optimise information to find new ways of achieving competitive advantages and stability in these uncertain times.



For Retail, Distribution and Logistic customers we developed specialised applications including

  • Dashboards providing a clear idea about productivity per channel, location and partner
  • Reports about the right mixture of products and services to reveal the most profitable customer relations
  • Order, production and delivery schemes to be aligned with consumer demand



Real-time answers for everyone just a mouse click away

In order to survive in the current competitive market, both retail traders and wholesale companies must be able to analyse trends and respond to deviations with speed and precision. Delaying a decision for just one day can result in missed turnover and undermining of the margins. With QlikView users have self-service access to the information they need, when they need it, in order to take decisions to improve the result.