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Social Business Discovery

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Better decisions with Social Business Discovery

Decisions are not made by themselves, but are a cooperation. They are based on social interactive exchanges, driven by real-time discussions, dialogues and shared insight. QlikView’s Social Business Discovery approach focuses on social and collaborative experience. Traditional BI force users to make intuitive decisions on the basis of static, previously configured data. QlikView’s Social Business Discovery platform is different and pioneering because it supports:

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Every Business User – Business Users of all groups, teams and departments can use QlikView to work together on data, analyses and decisions

Interactive Apps – Allow business users to explore all relevant data without limitations

Real-Time Decisions – Groups of business users can take part in live “co-browsing” session with up-to-the-minute data

Continuous Exchanges – Users can continuously discuss and debate by means of bookmarks and in-app notes





QlikView applications and dashboards combine data from different sources to delivery information and analyses required to take your business decisions, from daily discussions to the most urgent and critical matters. You can use QlikView to:

Segment data to work groups, teams or specific department needs

Make data accessible and interactive for certain people, work groups or departments

To document decisions for a total transparency