Qlik Sense 3.0

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Release notes

Qlik Sense 3.0 : governance possibilities combined with the best functionalities!

Imagine an analysis solution which offers new management opportunities for auditing, configuration and governance to IT departments within large-scale deployments and different geographical regions.

This is Qlik Sense 3.0 – a new central programming environment in which developers can more easily use all the functionalities of the Qlik Analytics Platform for online mash-ups, custom applications, extensions and widgets.


Visual Data Preparation

Allows users to visually prepare data before any analysis. Discover a new method to see the associations of tables and datasets – the so-called “bubbles” in Qlik Sense 3.0 – including profiling to determine the best associations!






Visual Search
Search visualizations and objects through the use of meta data. Get visual thumbnails of graphics and objects as a result of your search.







Time Aware Charting
Intelligent recognition and presentation of time-series data in tables and graphs, including a new line graph object. This automatically displays the time as a continuous dimension, even if some periods contain no data.








A mechanism to accelerate the development and the re-use of customized user interface objects in Qlik Sense applications. Enables developers to quickly build new objects, using only HTML and CSS.



On-Demand App Generation

Users can create on the fly intuitive analysis of big data by generating new Qlik Sense apps. Users make selections from a template application that generates new analysis applications to subsets of data.






Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting 17 allows reports from Qlik Sense. Organizations can generate MS Office and Pixel Perfect reports using Qlik Sense Analytics and distribute them through various channels, even directly to the Qlik Sense Hub.






Qlik Web Connectors

More than 20 new connectors for popular web-based services and applications based on the recent acquisition of Industrial codebox by Qlik. Added as part of a consolidated set of Qlik connectors for on-premise, cloud and web-based data sources.




Qlik DataMarket

Two new financial packages for Qlik DataMarket, including stocks and financial reports of companies. In addition, a comprehensive Essentials package was added with details and subnational boundaries map in the free package.