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What the Qlik?!

The all-in Qlik Experience


Having meeting after meeting, over who’s spreadsheet contains the truth?! What if, I could completely change the way you analyze your data and save up time while reducing your costs. Sounds too good to be true? BI is the answer and I’ll proof it to you!

All I ask for is just an hour of your time and your curiosity. I know you’re busy and value your time. Therefore I designed this 60-minutes-all-in-Qlik-experience. (We’ll be done by the time you’ve had your first cup of coffee!) Ready for it?

What will your morning look like? 

  • What the Qlik am I talking about?
    • What is Qlik? And what exactly does that mean?
  • All-in Qlik Experience
    • Take a dive with me during this demo.

New webinar 26th of February!

We start at 10 am! Be there!

Register now (or be sad forever!). We’ll send you all practical details a day in advance! See you there!



Sajjad Team Credon

I am Sajjad Malik, your host & Qlik specialist.

As a services manager at Credon I’ve seen it all. BI environments, been there, done that! And now it’s time to show you! At Credon, we call ourselves, THE BI Expert, fancy right? But it’s true, we have spent the past 13 years specialising in Qlik. It’s like our second nature, mother language, our DNA. We guide you through the complex data landscape and take you on a BI journey. During this journey we transform your raw data into valuable insights. So you can take control over your business.