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Welcome to the Credon Talent Academy!

#Talent, that’s where it all starts. It’s that one priceless item no company can buy. At Credon we understand how rare it is to find. Therefore, we invest in our people, interns, … At the Talent Academy, our (future) employees get the chance to develop themselves through education and building experience. Our Talent Academy is a place to …



Your passion & our world. Explore all possibilities and feel what it's like to be(come) a BI expert.



At Credon you get the chance to develop your skills and talents. Let's grow together!



Your destination. Whether this is at Credon or else-where. You'll have a clear view on top.



An Internship at Credon

Interns are part of the Credon Family

An intern at Credon is not hired to do all the shitty work. You have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You’ll be thrown into the deep (but not without a life jacket of course, we’re not (completely) heartless).

You’ll be included in real client projects and will get a taste of the true BI field. At the end of your internship you’ll have designed a dozen client dashboards, integrated several datasets & experienced at least 23 aahaaaa-moments. But most of all you’ll be genuine member of the Credon Family. Because at Credon we treat interns as any other team member.

Getting excited about an internship at Credon? Send your motivation and details to

Meet Sajjad

Sajjad Team Credon

Sajjad Malik | Team Credon since 2010

Journey @ Credon: Intern > Junior Consultant > Consultant > Senior Consultant > Services manager > Senior Consultant

Best memory @ Credon: Christmas 2018, no doubt!

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Meet Sarah

Sarah Team Credon

Sarah Gerinckx | Team Credon since 2017

Journey @ Credon: Intern > Junior Consultant > Customer Success manager > Sales manager > Services Manager

Best memory @ Credon: ….

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Meet Neel

Neel Nilis | Team Credon since 2020

Journey @ Credon: Intern > Junior Consultant > Consultant > Internship Supervisor

Best memory @ Credon: The kickoff event of 2020, I was only working a couple of weeks at Credon but at the event it felt like I had been part of the team for years.

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Meet Jeroen

Jeroen Team Credon

Jeroen Beunckens | Team Credon since 2018

Journey @ Credon: Intern > Junior Consultant > Consultant

Best memory @ Credon: Glamping weekend. An amazing location and the party was really cool. Everyone was enjoying themselves exceptionally! Let’s not talk about the morning after …

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Meet Stijn

Stijn Team Credon

Stijn Van Even | Team Credon since 2016

Journey @ Credon: Intern > Junior Consultant > Medior Consultant > Senior Consultant > Technical Lead Power BI

Best memory @ Credon: Definitely my internship, Credon has the amazing ability to make you feel at home in an instant. (I know I can only pick one, but all our awesome parties, kickoffs, Christmases, events, … every one of them is memorable!)

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Internships at Credon are not boring

↓ we can prove it ↓


Metalen Galler

“Our trainee adapted to our pace, and used his creativity to help us find new solutions. He introduced his own ideas and added new functionalities. We integrated Qlik into the company step-by-step.

We would certainly recommend other companies to start an intern project at Credon. It’s so fulfilling for both parties. We would do it all again in a second.”

Yves Vandecraen, IT manager

Project: Implementing a new Qlik environment.

Intern: Kenny Joris

Read our full case! 

⬊ We won “Top 3 stagebedrijven Limburg” with this internship ⬋



“During my internship at Credon I had a first hand, real-life experience in how a customer project is tackled, from A to Z, in all its aspects.
From intake meetings, to all communication with Japan, to application development, support, and delivery. In this process, Credon consultants were always at my side for guidance. During my internship, I built an application that allowed Daikin research and development to analyze the output of every air-conditioning unit, in development, vis-à-vis already installed units. After my internship, I was given the opportunity to continue as the principal consultant for Daikin, which I still am today.”

Stijn Van Even, Credon Consultant

Project: Customer project from A to Z

Intern: Stijn Van Even

We have walked in your shoes!

Meet our Credon ex-Interns

In our Talent Academy, we start at the foot of the mountain and together we’ll reach the top. From there you’ll have a clear view of where you want to go next. Whether your destination is Credon or lies somewhere else. We’ll discover it along the way.

Steven Van Gansberghe

Steven Van Gansberghe


Teamplayer | Adaptable | Persevering

Jeroen Beunckens

Jeroen Beunckens


Honest | Respect | Direct

Neel Nilis

Neel Nilis


Responsible | Positive | Determined

Matei Akwei

Matei Akwei


Ambitious | Teamplayer | Determined

Sarah Gerinckx

Sarah Gerinckx

Services Manager

Enthusiastic | Cheerful | Bon vivant

Stijn Van Even

Stijn Van Even


Ambitious | Technical | Optimistic

Matthias Vandendriessche

Matthias Vandendriessche

Senior Consultant

Persistent | Fixer | Kind

Sajjad Malik

Sajjad Malik

Senior Consultant

Pioneer | Music Maniac | Time Traveler

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