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Qlik Sense & QlikView

Upgrade your BI experience | 28 April at 9h30

Qlik Sense & QlikView, the perfect fit

Already a happy QlikView user? What if we told you that we could make your analytics experience even better by combining QlikView and Qlik Sense? And at the same time lower your TCO? No way? Yes way! We’ll show you in our webinar!

Experience it yourself

We could fill this page with reasons for you to make the switch, but at Credon we prefer: “less talk, more action”. That is why we’d like to show you the magic in an online (and free!) webinar, given by our finest Qlik experts. We’ll discuss:

  • The advantages of Qlik Sense and using both QlikView and Qlik Sense environments simultaneously.
  • How to make the switch? Which actions are needed?
  • Let us show you what we’ve got – in an exclusive live demo.


This session takes place on April 28th at 9.30 a.m. – completely online. So no need for mouth masks, disinfectant sprays or protective suits. However, coffee, comfy pants and snacks are allowed!

Register now for free!

Save the date: 28 April, 9:30 – 10:30

Sajjad Team Credon

I am Sajjad Malik, your host & Qlik specialist.

As a services manager at Credon I’ve seen it all. BI environments, been there, done that! And now it’s time to show you! At Credon, we call ourselves, THE BI Expert, fancy right? But it’s true, we have spent the past 13 years specialising in Qlik. It’s like our second nature, mother language, our DNA. We guide you through the complex data landscape and take you on a BI journey. During this journey we transform your raw data into valuable insights. So you can take control over your business.

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