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What do you need?

Every BI journey is unique

BI technology gives you the ability to create high quality dashboards and convert all your data into usable data. We help you to turn raw data into analysis-ready data and more importantly; into crucial insights.

But where to start, which BI tool to choose, Qlik Sense or Power BI? Difficult puzzle, as there are a number of criteria that determine which BI tool suits your business in the best way possible.

That is why we would like to take the time to discuss this and to help you with a personal BI tool assessment. 


Your BI Tool Assessment

Your business

Is your business ready for a BI integration? With our BI Tool Assessment we match your business with the right BI tool. We go for the perfect match!

Your needs

What is your company looking for? What improvements are there and how do you think BI can offer a solution? Let's work together!

Your budget

Let’s talk numbers because a successful business isn’t for free. Do you already have a budget in mind? Together we will look for the most suitable BI solution within your possibilities.


Stop doubting today!

  • Companies that don’t have a BI yet
  • Companies that cannot choose between Power Bi and Qlik
  • Companies who have BI but wants to modernize and thereby doubt between Power BI and Qlik Sense

"We make faster & better business decisions thanks to Credon"

– Business Process Consultant


Teamwork makes the dream work

Make sure you bring:

  • IT manager of the company
  • Key users of data / BI within the company (Often C-levels, finance)

+/- 10 people because, more input = better results


And so the journey begins …

Together, we analyze your business and look for the perfect match.


First we map out your current business situation by means of a few statements so we can create a solid foundation.


After that we will discuss where you want to be in the future with your business in terms of BI and what’s important for your BI environment.


We let everyone fill in a questionnaire, individually, so that we can obtain/gater/get different input. This input is essential for the next step of the assessment.


We collect all the different opinions and ideas and bundle them together into one common vision. Now that we’re all on the same page, we can start the last and final step.


After two weeks, we will have an online follow-up meeting. You will receive a digital report of our findings, what we have discussed, as well as our advice on the BI tool we believe is the most suitable for your business.


Request your BI assessment?

Do you believe in BI? Are you convinced and curious for more or do you just have a few questions about what BI could mean for your business now and in the future?

Just ask! Our experts will be happy to help you and are ready to share their experience.

Fill in our form or give us a call
and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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